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    [HQ] EXO Showtime's Logo Song

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I re-arranged this into a complete audio by cutting out the convo. Have fun listening ^^ I hope they will release full song in ST season 2 ! [DL]


[Chanyeol and Lay were playing guitar]

[Chen] Oh ~ showtime ~

[All] EXO oh showtime showtime showtime

[Chen] Let’s enjoy it together

[Lay] Rap rap!

[RapByun] Together with us on thursday 6PM, but today it will end YO

Many good things happened every thursday

EXO Showtime got 1st place 

[Chen] That’s right

[RapByun] We are EXO ! MBC everyone ~ Its name is EXO Showtime

I really think ~ THIS IS FINE ~

[All] Showtime showtime let’s enjoy it together ~

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    baby sehun saying cute things

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    cr: sehwun


"Hello, im sehun"

"My son, good night"

"I always pray before I sleep"

"It’s because they’re my loving hyungs, I do it for fun~"

"I trust you"

"You always point at your face and say things like oh this part is weird and this part is weird and that part is weird….and it always irritates me….please stop doing that"

"Then im Jo Insung?" (a famous Korean actor)

"Because all my fans are my ideal type"

Chen: "You’re a parrot!" Sehun: "No, im not!"

"Even when I’m sleeping, he still protects me"

"I really wish our members wouldn’t fight and I want us to support each other and go on together happily until the end"

"Stop putting that cookie in your mouth, the cookie is mine"

"You must be really tired lately… when you’re feeling down, please come and find me. Wo ai ni~"

"Because you look young~"

"Funky funky Chen hyung!"

"My mother always said to run away if a stranger ever approaches me. So I literally ran away for 30 minutes"

"My baby"

"I was trying not to cry on broadcast…….."


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